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"Kilpara is a beautiful story. . ."

​-Manhattan Book Review

Grace Welcomes her sister Deirdre Home after a year abroad. Instead of finding Deidre worldlier, she is moody and listless. Unbeknownst to Grace, Deirdre is concealing a well-guarded secret. When Cecil Sloane discovers Deirdre's secret, He demands her hand in marriage for his silence. A price so dear it shakes the O'Donovans to their core and tests Grace's Courage, loyalty, and threatens her very survival.

"Unexpected"   and "Captivating"

-Midwest Book Review

​Ellis O'Donovan, the son of Irish emigrants, Ann and Angus O'Donovan is called away from his bachelor life in post-civil war Baltimore. He returns home to rural Maryland to find his mother seriously ill from consumption. She implores him to take her back to Ireland to die and to be buried at Kilpara, the estate once owned by the O'Donovans for over three hundred years.

After many quarrels Ellis gives in to his mother's request and arrives in Ireland to find Kilpara ruled by overlords, a fact that hasn't changed since his parents left a generation ago. Lord Purcenell, an obstinate Englishman, denies Ellis' mother her dying wish and thrusts Ellis into the maelstrom between the strife-ridden Irish who want to see an O'Donovan reinstated at Kilpara, the English lord whose word is law, and Ellis' growing attraction for his nemesis' daughter.​​

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​Patricia Hopper, a native of Dublin, Ireland, lives in West Virginia. Her debut novel, Kilpara, published by Bygone Era Books is available. Her second novel Corrib Red published by Cactus Rain Publishing will be released in March 2017. She has published articles and short stories, both fiction and non-fiction in anthologies, reviews, and women's publications.​